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It is our passion to let people benefit from digital opportunities. Together with our customers, we improve business models. Sometimes this causes disruption. We dare to dream, but also make dreams come true. With our clients we take care that aircraft take off safely, passengers benefit from a better travel experience, packages are delivered faster and patients benefit from new opportunities in hospitals. People travel more safely by train, emergency contact centers are always available and people are enabled to work mobile. Many companies, organizations and ministries benefit from the innovative digital ideas we have initiated, designed, managed and realized. Many people and organizations benefit from the digital innovations we have developed together with our clients.

Share your ideas and challenges with us! We love to inspire and share our experience how digital innovation can meet your ambitions. 

Some of our appealing projects

Strict helps Erasmus MC with mission critical communication solutions that are always stable and accessible.

For years, Strict has been closely involved with the Rotterdam hospital and is supervising large-scale projects that enable Erasmus MC to deliver the best possible care to its patients.

Since 2016 Strict has been involved in the construction of the new center for pediatric oncology, the Princess Máxima Center in Utrecht. In this center all knowledge and expertise in the field of pediatric oncology is concentrated. This creates one of the largest centers worldwide in this field, with the aim of completely eliminating cancer induced child mortality. To realize this, good IT facilities are indispensable. With the KickIT program, Strict ensures that doctors, nurses, researchers, patients, parents and all those involved are connected to each other in order to realize that common goal.

Strict has been the brains behind the Dutch 112 alarm centers and underlying control rooms for years. State of the art technologies ensure that agencies are always available to save lives.

Strict designs and delivers many mission critical environments and ensures that control rooms can do their life-saving work and that sensitive information is handled confidentially.

Our Themes

Mission critical and business critical communications
State of the art networks and infrastructures

Cyber security, complicancy and privacy policies


Optimizing digital organisation management


Mobility, accessibility and public safety


Change management and user adoption


Staffing of innovation professionals


Strategy, Projects and Agility



We believe in our strong and hands on innovation proces that shorten the time-to-market and significantly increases the quality of your creative ideas. We love to be your guide and enabler in the rapid changing technical posibilities of tomorrow. Together with our clients we create new branche specific opportunities and leading solutions that keeps them ahead.

Blogs en nieuws
Strict X Delphi: Internet of Things

Strict X Delphi: Internet of Things

Onlangs heeft Gert-Jan Elzinga names Strict deelgenomen aan een bijeenkomst van Delphi, hét platform voor IoT kennis en toepassingen. Tijdens deze sessie is er gesproken over alle zaken rondom Internet of Things, iets wat niet meer weg te denken is uit het dagelijks...

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Typische vragen die we beantwoorden zijn:

  • Hoe gaan we om met mobiele apparaten, hoe krijgen we meer controle over (de informatie op) deze devices en hoe halen we het beste uit apps binnen onze organisatie;

  • Wat is onze strategie rondom cloud, welke voordelen kan cloud ons bieden en welke eisen stellen we aan cloudtoepassingen;

  • Hoe gaan we om met security en privacy en hoe blijven we in lijn met regelgeving;

  • Welke trends zijn er binnen communicatietechnologie en hoe kan digitale communicatie worden gebruikt om de organisatie te versterken;

  • Hoe verbinden we technieken en infrastructuren met elkaar zodat oplossingen altijd en overal veilig werken;

  • Hoe managen we totaaloplossingen en houden we grip op continuïteit en kosten;

  • Hoe kies ik de best passende oplossing en hoe koop ik deze slim in.

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Good reasons to involve Strict in your digital innovation


  • Lots of experience in Business Critical (Money making)  and Mission Critical (life saving)  environments

  • Strict has developed an international network with partners

  • Strict is leading in

    the strategy for renewal of Mission Critical networks

    European frequency spectrum issues

    initiating and implementing cross border mission critical solutions


  • Impressive track record in multinationals, health care, travel industry, public safety and government

  • Professionals that help you from challenge till leading solutions

  • 100% independent, no politics and interests involved

  • We always take care for manageable solutions and clear insights

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